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THALGO comes to us from France, it has  five decades of successful history helping clients achieve their skin and body care goals. It has an exceptional range of facial and body care for home use and specific in salon treatments,  targeted at achieving real results. Active marine ingredients taken from the sea make THALGO products extremely effective, safe and gentle on the skin. For men, women and every skin type and condition. Talk to your Therapist about your needs and goals for your skin. Thalgo can really help.


Joyce Blok is a New Zealand made natural skincare brand especially targeted to the needs of our unique climate and skincare requirements. It has successfully treated New Zealand skins for 40 years and has a fantastic range of treatments and home care which is both affordable and effective.

Gehwol is a superb range of professional foot, leg and nail care from Germany. We use Gewhol products for our Pedicures with excellent results, cracked heals are no longer a concern with Gehwol. You can take Gehwol products home with you to continue your foot care with confidence.


Beautiful manicures and pedicures start with strong, healthy nails. ORLY provides a line of products that nourish, protect, add shine and shorten dry time. The Range of Orly polishes is colourful and exciting.

ORLY GEL FX  we also offer beautiful Gel FX polish which will stay flawless and chip free for up to two weeks!