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Electrolysis, Red vein and Milia removal


Your electrolysis therapists at Illusions are very experienced and skilled at their work and experts at making you feel at ease. We have a combined experience of 21 years of treating clients with electrolysis. Come on in and have a complementary consultation where we will..........

◦Listen to your concerns about unwanted hair growth

◦Advise you of your best course of treatments

◦Explain how electrolysis works and what results you can expect to have

10 Minutes $28.00

15 Minutes $34.00

20 Minutes $38.00

30 Minutes $49.00

1 Hour       $70.00

We recommend BIODEPYL after waxing and electrolysis. It gradually slows down the growth rate of hair. It is also very effective for preventing ingrown hairs. 


This treatment is very successful and getting rid of red veins on the face, it will also successfully treat skin tags which tend to grow on the neck, under arm and under breast area. Blood spots often occur on the back and around the midlle of the body.

Treatments start at $20.00   for small blood spots

10 Minutes $30.00

15 Minutes $40.00

20 Minutes $57.00