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Facial Expertise at Illusions

At Illusions we love looking after your skincare needs.

We enjoy the process of Skin consultation, diagnosis, treatment and prescription so you can achieve the very best results for your skin. We have many success stories with skin treatments and you too can have a radiant Illusions looking skin. Feel Free to come in and talk to one of our friendly knowledgeable Therapists about the most effective treatments for your skins needs. 

See below for........

SKIN DIAGNOSIS AND CONSULTATION - Please feel free to come in and talk to us about any skin conditions or concerns, at Illusions we are very passionate about skin care. We can do a full analysis, scan your skin, diagnose and prescribe the very best treatment and skincare for you.

Anti-Ageing Facials

THALGO'S Totally luxurious treatments and Anti Ageing products have won many awards including the prestigious Asian Anti - Ageing Awards and the American Derma scope Awards 2015. 

These treatments are specifically targeted at getting the results you want from Anti - Ageing care.

Below we have 4 targeted Anti Ageing Facials


Smooths fine lines and wrinkles and drenches the skin in Native Marine Collagen with incomparable bioavailabilty. It delivers deep intensive moisturisation. The Collagen facial is a truly divine experience. It will help to reactive the regenerating power of you skin to help correct signs of ageing as they appear. This unique treatment uses marine collagen molecules which have an unrivalled affinity with the skin and the Dermastim Anti-Aging Massage to give an immediate smoothing effect. The marine Collagen Fleece Mask is cooling and regenerating, leaving the skin radiant. Perfect for any special occasion.

SINGLE TREATMENT  1 HOUR   $160.00    

FOR ULTIMATE RESULTS A PROGRAMME OF 6 COLLAGEN 1 hr FACIALS OVER A PERIOD OF NO MORE THAN TWO MONTHS discounts can be applied to a course of treatments please talk to your therapist.


Firms and reshapes facials contours. Using Marine Hyaluronic acid and Silicium for optimum  and immediate results. An Anti - wrinkle and lifting massage combined with the Cryo Sculpting mask lifts and reshapes the neck and chin area. The Collagen and Hyaluronic mask plumps and smooths the forehead and eye area.


Illusions targeted - Specialised Facials

Our Specialised facials are designed to give your skin that extra special attention and can treat skin conditions such as extreme oiliness, acne, dryness, dehydration, sensitivity and redness, rosacea, stressed skins, tired and listless skin. All while enjoying a truly unique treatment created from Marine products.

We recommend that you talk to your Therapist about an intensive skin consultation, which includes an ultra violet skin scan - so we can really see what is happening in the deeper layers of your skin to make an accurate diagnosis and treatment for your skin.


For Oily, Combination and Sluggish skins. It will help regulate oil flow in the skin ,purify breakouts and deeply cleanse areas prone to blackheads. A programme of MMA facials will help to combat acne and purify the skin.  A warm layer of Micronised Marine Algae is applied to the skin which delivers natural marine minerals and vitamins to help the skin regain its freshness and radiance. 1 hour $105.00   


A veritable Thalassotherapy treatment for the face. To Energise , Re-balance and Re-mineralise the skin. This facial will help to stimulate the skins vital functions. It well also restore deep hydration and soften the skin. 1 Hour $110.00   


Rich in marine polysaccharides, this facial will treat dehydrated skins that can sometimes become rough flaky and tight. The Hydra mask  molds to the skin to encourage moisturizing extracts deep into the skin to improve skin's texture, soften and relax the facial features. The ultimate Hydration Therapy for your face. 1 hour $138.00 and 1.5 hours $160.00 

Illusions Value Facials

These facials are designed to suit all skin types and budgets but still give an effective treatment.


Includes double Cleanse, Tone, Exfoliation, Mask suited to your skin, Hand or Head Massage during your mask and after care. 

THALGO - $67.00

                                              JOYCE BLOK - $59.00


Includes double Cleanse, Tone, Exfoliation, Reviving Marine Mist, Mask suited to your skin, Massage of Decolletage and shoulders and Hand or Head Massage and after care.

THALGO - $85.00

JOYCE BLOK - $79.00


Includes double Cleanse, Tone, Exfoliation, Reviving Marine Mist, serum application and Mask suited to your skin, Massage of Decolletage and shoulders and Hand or Head Massage and after care.

THALGO - $99.00

JOYCE BLOK - $89.00


Includes an Eye Brow Shape, double Cleanse, Tone, Exfoliation, Reviving Marine Mist, serum application, 20 Minute Facial Massage(includes neck and shoulders) and Mask suited to your skin, Hand or Head Massage and after care.

THALGO - $149.00

JOYCE BLOK  - $130.00