Illusions Sanctuary    For Men and Women

116 Lambton Quay, Level 3 &   41 The Terrace (dual access)  Ph 04 4711222

Massage, Relaxation and Specific Body Treatments





Express neck, shoulder and scalp 15 Minutes                          $29.00

Blissful back, neck and shoulders 30 Minutes                           $52.00

Back and back of legs 45 Minutes                                             $69.00

Full Body 1 Hour                                                                        $99.00

Back Scrub and Massage 1 Hour                                              $108.00

Aromatherapy & drainage massage 1.25 Hours                        $125.00

Relaxation Treatments 



Your treatment begins with placement of  Volcanic Marine Hot Stones on specific Chakra points on the body to deeply relax and release tension. A divine full body exfoliation with a mixture of Sea salts, Marine Algae and Aromatic oil to remove dead skin cells and to deliver a multitude of minerals and vitamins into the skin, re-balancing the body. Manually and with Hot Stones. Followed by a full body massage with Sculpting cream and Aromatic oils.  Manually and with Hot stones. The heat of the stones deeply penetrates the muscles and combined with the re-balancing and nourishing ingredients it is the ultimate de-stress and relaxation treatment.
1.5 Hours $159.00

HOT STONE MASSAGE ONLY (no exfoliation)
1 Hour $99.00


The Ultimate escape. If you cant get away to the islands let us bring the relaxation and flavours of the islands to you. Perfect for physical and emotional fatigue. 
Your treatment begins with the Exotic Island Body Scrub - an intoxicating aroma of Tahitian Vanilla combined with coconut shell, Bora Bora white sand and Marine salts to leave your skin soft, smooth and nourished. Then enjoy a beautiful Mahana Massage using oils infused with the Tiare Apetahi flower - A slow and powerful sculpting massage accompanied by heated sand pouches, that penetrate deep into the muscles. The Polynesian massage is designed to awaken the senses and re-establish the circulation of energy. To end your treatment an application of Polynesia Sacred oil - enriched with Tahitian Monoi oil to hydrate and a subtle gold shimmer to give your skin a glow as though you have had a lovely day in the sun. BONUS - You will also be given a Lagoon Water Bath care pebble so you can continue your relaxation treatment at home.
2 HOURS  Full Polynesia treatment   $200.00
40 MINUTES - Back scrub and massage(without pouches or Bath care pebble, back only)  $69.00

Full Body Exfoliation with Thalgo Descomask Body Scrub, enriched with Mallow to hydrate and soften the skin. Then be cocooned in a Full Body Nourishing Cream mask to deeply nourish the skin all over. Enjoy a blissful head massage while you mask is on and then during removal any excess is massaged into the skin. The perfect treatment any time that the skin on the body is feeling particularly dry or at the end of every season.
1 HOUR $130.00

Specialised Body Treatments 



The perfect treatment if your back gets a bit congested. Your treatment starts with a back scrub using Thalgo's Desco mask body scrub to get rid of dead skin cell build up and give the skin a deep cleanse. Followed by an application of Plasmalg gel and MMA to re-balance oil flow and purify.                                                                         

  Extractions will be done if requested. $110.00


This full body treatment is great for those who have mental and physical exhaustion or those wanting to kick start their metabolism for weight loss, or a number of skin conditions. Your treatment begins with a full body exfoliation with Thalgo's Body Desco mask and a full application of Plasmalg gel and a full MMA body mask. The Micronised Marine Algae delivers Vitamins and Minerals to the skin. While your mask is working you can enjoy a relaxing head massage. After the removal of your body mask you will receive a light massage with LC 24 Cream. $130.00


1 HOUR $115.00

This wrap is very cool and eliminates excess fluid build up and helps to tone the legs. It is perfect for swelling ankles and legs after flying long hall but also if you get tired heavy legs. After a Frigi treatment your legs will feel light and energetic. Your treatment starts with an exfoliation of the legs and application of Plasmalg gel  and placement of bandage wraps soaked in Thalgo's Frigi lotion. After the wrap is         removed you will receive a light leg massage.