Illusions    For Men and Women

116 Lambton Quay, Level 3 &   41 The Terrace (dual access)  Ph 04 4711222
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At Illusions we take pride in our fantastic waxing products- our strip wax is great for arms and legs and our GENTLE hot wax is fabulous for Brazilians, bikinis and under arms. Please feel free to talk to us about any special waxing request you may have.


Brazilian Waxing    $59.00

Hollywood              $62.00

Bikini                      $36.00

G String                 $40.00

Underarm              $33.00

1/2 Leg                  $42.00

3/4 Leg                  $52.00

Full Leg                 $64.00

Upper Lip              $27.00

Chin                      $27.00

Brows                   $27.00


1/2 Leg & Underarm (or bikini)   $67.00             $8.00 discount

1/2 Leg & Underarm & Bikini     $92.00              $19.00 discount

Full Leg & Underarm (or bikini)  $77.00             $20.00 discount

Full Leg & Underarm & Bikini     $109.00           $24.00 discount

1/2 Leg and Brazilian                 $99.00             $2.00 discount

Full Leg & Brazilian                    $105.00           $18.00 discount

Underarm and Bikini                  $55.00             $14.00 discount

Chin & Upper Lip                       $48.00             $6.00 discount

For a list Men's Waxing see our Exclusively Men's Page - Under the MORE banner

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We recommend BIODEPYL after waxing and electrolysis. It is easy to apply and gradually slows down the growth rate of hair, making shorter and thinner over time. It instantly soothes the skin after waxing or electrolysis. Biodepyl Concentrate helps to prevent ingrown hairs over time and Bio Depyl Solution targets the skin around ingrowns to help them penetrate the skin keeping it soft and hydrated. 

Please find Biodepyl  and our other waxing after-care products available to purchase in our WEB STORE online(which will be active shortly) or you can purchase in salon.                                                                 

A week after your waxing treatment we recommend that you dry exfoliate at least every second day. Use a mitt or glove dry before showering to lift hair and remove dead skin cells that may block follicles. Moisturising the waxed area every to keep it hydrated and soft.

Glo Gloves                                        $4.00

Orly After Wax Moisturiser               $28.00

Antiseptic and deeply hydrating, perfect for taking care of those special areas after waxing.

For very dry Flaky skin we recommend THALGO INTENSIVE NUTRITION CREAM you will never have to worry about dry skin again using this exceptional product.